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Il Palmento Srl

In a stunning landscape surrounded by sea and mountains, with deep wallons and lemons gardens, everyone can choose his ideal holiday. Sorrento is a crossing point; from there youn can easily go to Pompei, Ercolano and reach the top of the Vesuvio. You can also visit Capri and Ischia island. You don’t have to miss the Amalfi coast and its breathtaking panoramas, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.


Capri Island


Capri Island accomodates you from the colorful cheerfulness in the porto of Marina Grande, invites you to visit that open air parlor which is la Piazzetta, enchantes you with the suggestion of places like la Certosa di San Giacomo, bewitches you with breathtaking landscapes such as il Belvedere di Tragara or l'Arco Naturale. Sparkling under the light of sun, languid under the light of the moon, Capri promises that sweetness of living life which has always drawn poets, artists, and travellers from all over the world in search of the most pure beauty.

Among the many things that you must see there are obviously "I Faraglioni", the Green Grotto, the White Grotto and the Blue Grotto.

The boat trip on Capri Island includes:

- pick-up in hotel
- trip on the Amalfi Coast
- round trip of the island
- visit of the famous grottos
- stops for swimming and give a look at the seabed
- landing on the isalnd for 4 hrs for visiting the most famous and suggestive placese and the opportunity of shopping
- coming back to the Relais

 Besides on board you will find soft drink and sandwiches included in the price

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The enchanting Amalfi Coast


Positano: One of the most spectacular and famous touristic spots in Italy, pearl of the Amalfi Coast and famous for the local fashion, made of tipical fabric and original pattern sold in its characteristic shops.
The village can be visited by walking enjoying all the beauty of its little streets and its little houses and steps carven in the rock.


Amalfi Drive: The "Amalfi Drive" is one of the most spectacular trials in Europe because it crosses locations of incomparable beauty. You leave from Sorrento crossing breathtaking landscapes overlooking the sea, and than arrive in Amalfi, one of the four Maritime Republics and motherland of Flavio Gioia, inventor of the compass.
In the center of Amalfi stays the majestic Cathedral of IX cen., with the famous and scenographic frontage, decored with nineteenth-century golden mosaics. From Amalfi is very simple to visit also another enchanting and famous touritic spot, Ravello, with its Villas "Rufolo" and "Cimbrione", famed all over the world.


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The magic of Pompeii and the Vesuvius


Pompei is still today one of the most visited archeological site all over the world, which attract people firstly for the rediscovery of ancient rest of Roman Empire. The city was destroyed by the Vesuvius eruption in 79 D.C. and just in the XIII century it began the archeological excavations, which brought gradually out the splendors of the past civilization, such as the fabulous Villas enriched by frescoes or the majstic amphitheatre.

Vesuvio is the simbol of Naples and one of the biggest active volcanoes in the world. The great mountain that dominates the Gulf and the city from the high is approachable until 1000 mt., the visit will go on on foot with authorized guides, til the crater.

Tour on boat: Pompei and Vesuvio by Boat
Tour by bus

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